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Gunter Pauli

The Blue Economy
10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs
ADIT, juin

     The Blue Economy began as a project to find one hundred of the best nature-inspired technologies that could effect the economies of the world, while sustainably providing basic human needs - potable water, food, jobs and healthful shelter. Starting with 2,231 peer review articles Dr. Pauli found 340 innovations that could be bundled into systems that function the way ecosystems do.  These were then additionally reviewed by a team of corporate strategists, expert financiers, and public policy makers.  Further meetings with entrepreneurs, financial analysts, business reporters and corporate strategy academics reduced the list to one hundred. These are listed in an appendix of The Blue Economy.
     Many of the innovations inspired by nature are so interesting by themselves it is easy to forget that the key to the book is their integration with real world economies as ways to provide sustainable benefits to the commons. The Blue Economy is presented in fourteen chapters, each of which investigates an aspect of the world's economies and offers a series of innovations capable of making aspects of those economies sustainable. Following are "in-a-nutshell" descriptions of the chapters with very brief examples. Please see the Table of Contents for further details.
Table of contents
One - Timeless Resources for the Challenges of Our Times
Two - Emulating Ecosystems for a Blue Economy
Three - Nature's Resource Efficiency
Four - Leading the Way for Market Leaders
Five - Nature's MBA (Mastery of Brilliant Adaptations)
Six - Cascading Models, Multiple Cash Flows
Seven - Spinning a Silken Tale
Eight - From the Mighty to the Minuscule
Nine - A Rainbow of Possibilities
Ten - Envisioning New Energy Options
Eleven - True Gold: Mines as Platforms of Healing
Twelve - Buildings Designed by Flows
Thirteen - Cascading a Blue Economy
Epilogue - Realizing A Dream

Appendix 1  - A Table of 100 Innovations Inspired by Nature
Appendix 2  -  100 Innovations Inspiring Competitive Business Models
Bibliography and References
The Bibliography includes Books, Journals and other works by Gunter Pauli.