Konstanz, Germany: Sunways Launches Solar Window Blinds in Europe

    German solar cell manufacturer Sunways has recently launched a new building use for solar cells, 'Solar Blinds' - an innovative example of the application of solar cells.

    For the first time ever, Solar Blinds were installed in the "Solar Center Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" in Wietow, Germany. They serve as a protection against bad weather, sun and burglary and, at the same time, produce electricity with their integrated solar cells.
    Sunways explains that the Solar Blinds harmonize well with the overall appearance of the building and can even be integrated into buildings protected for their historical significance. They produce electricity both in the opened and closed position.
    The Solar Blinds are manufactured according to the requirements of the building. The architect chooses the color of the opaque or transparent solar cells used. The latter ones are integrated in an especially safe glass glass module.
    Project partners in the new solar blinds are Colt International GmbH, as distributors and architect Astrid Schneider of Berlin. The cells are manufactured by Sunways and the module manufacturer is Solarnova GmbH, Wedel.
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