Sites français de recherches sur la gestion des déchets

The French Ministry of Ecology hosts a database known as BASOL which allows users to search for details of polluted sites:

Another Ministry site (BASIAS) which allows searches of historical data concerning polluted sites, is indicated below. It seems to be rather laborious to use, though.

Another French Government-sponsored website is FASP (Forum Actualités des Sites Pollués).

BRGM has produced a freeware computer application called ELDORADO (Etat des Lieux et Diagnostics pour la remise en état des Décharges d'Ordures ménagères et assimilées).


AFSSA (Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments) produced a report for the French Ministry of Health (requested in 2002, published in July 2003) on the subject of 'Effects on health due to emissions from incineration of domestic waste'. This was deemed necessary because France possesses the largest number of incinerators of domestic waste in the EU.

LERM is a private laboratory, established by a group of engineers and technicians in 1988. Among other activities, LERM specialises in studying means of stabilising waste products, particularly industrial waste. The company is based in Arles but has an office in Paris.

EVARISTE provides useful information about stabilisation of waste.

Bourse des Déchets Industriels
This is an internet service that allows businesses of all types to exchange and negotiate their waste products with the philosophy that 'The waste products of one company may be the raw materials of another'.

Local Associations Professionelles which regroup and provide links to businesses within a defined geographic area, often provide assistance to those businesses to allow them to maximise recycling opportunities and reduce or eliminate discharge of toxic waste. Examples include L'Association Ecopal in the Z.I. of Dunkerque and PLAB in Lorraine, see below for links. The websites do not necessarily contain details of recycling efforts, but this information should be obtainable by contacting the organisers.

Prodhag Plastiques (Colombe, near Grenoble and Noyon - north of Paris) specialises in recycling scrap plastic from producers of plastic goods. The processed scrap is then returned to the manufacturer and re-introduced into the production cycle.. The company treated 15000 tonnes during the past year.

Ecofut is an organisation, created in 1992 by the French industrial and commercial rigid plastic packaging manufacturers of the Chambre Syndicale des Emballages en Matière Plastique (CSEMP) - (French Plastic Packaging Board).
The organisation regroups producers of raw HDPE materials, PP packaging manufacturers, the bucket section of the packaging industry and provides guidelines for the recovery and reuse of plastic materials, including plastic films and polystyrene (in English):

The Mecelec group of companies. Design, manufacture and recycling of plastics and composites (in English):


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