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Emergency Situations Ministry To Decommission Chornobyl NPP By 2018
ADIT, Ukrainian News Agency
April 25, 2008

     The Emergency Situations and Protection of Population from the Chornobyl Accident Consequences Ministry intends to complete works on termination of Chornobyl nuclear power plant operation by 2018.
     Emergency Situation Minister Volodymyr Shandra disclosed this in an interview to Fifth TV Channel.
     He said that the Emergency Situations Ministry signed the relevant plan in January.
     "The plan will be implemented in 10 years," Shandra said.
     He also said that there will be much work to do in that direction.
     "We will have to demount equipment. There are also very many questions concerning graphite...," the minister said.
     At the same time, Shandra said that discharging nuclear fuel from the first, second, and third reactors of the NPP, which was completed several days ago, was a very important step on the way to decommissioning of the plant.
     "Nuclear fuel had not been discharged from the reactors before 2005 and that is one of the real steps on decommissioning of the plant," he said.
     As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Shandra calls on the Verkhovna Rada to approve increase of financing of international projects on decommissioning of Chornobyl NPP and turning of the facility into environment friendly system.
     President Viktor Yuschenko considers that decommissioning of the plant is the priority of Emergency Situations Ministry work.
     Explosion at the fourth reactor of Chornobyl NPP in April 1986 caused the largest industrial catastrophe in the world's history.
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