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Solar power lights up coastal, offshore areas
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    Une nouvelle du Daily Star (journal du Bangla Desh), où l'on voit comment la Grameen Bank (acteur important et reconnu dans le secteur du micro-crédit) soutient l'énergie solaire dans les zones côtières et les îles du pays.
    Pour information, la monnaie locale est le Taka ( normalement "BDT" mais dans l'article on parle de Tk ; il faut diviser par 50 pour convertir en Euros) et les upazilas sont des unités administratives (d'une dizaine de circonscriptions chacune). Il s'agit de très petites installations pour l'éclairage.
BSS, Pirojpur
    Generation of electricity from solar energy has gained popularity in Pirojpur and other remote coastal areas and offshore islands of the country.
    People in the remote areas can install solar energy system for generating and using electricity at a minimum cost of Tk 12,000 and a maximum of Tk 55,000, provided by Grameen Shakti, a project of Grameen Bank.
    Installation and operation of the Grameen Shakti sponsored solar energy system require a solar panel, necessary battery for preserving electricity, charge controller and other inputs.
    With power generated from the solar energy system, one can easily use the electric bulbs, operate television, radio, computer, cell phone, charge the battery of mobile phone and other domestic purposes.
    Considering the prospects of the solar energy system in the areas where the Power Development Board (PDB) and the Rural Electrification Board (REB) are yet to reach, the Grameen Shakti took up a programme of generating electricity in 50 upazila units across the country.
    With 20 years guaranteed services the Grameen Shakti installations has been providing a complete system of power generation. 
Since it do not require any fuel cost and free from environmental hazards the solar power generation units generated confidence and much enthusiasm in the remote coastal areas of Pirojpur, Mehendiganj, Barguna, Pathorghata, and Bhola.
    Any intending user of solar energy can subscribe it with a down payment at the rate of 25% of the total cost of Tk 12,000 or 55,000. The remaining 75% along with a service charge at the rate of 8% is payable in 24 monthly instalments.
    One can obtain the connection of the solar energy system with 15% down payment and rest payable in 36 monthly instalments with a 12% service charge.
    The Grameen Shakti which guarantees its solar panel for 20 years is committed to performing the maintenance work of the panel for one year with imparting training to the subscribers.
    A 25-watt solar energy system costing Tk 12,000 can generate power for four hours every day where two six-watt bulbs can operate.
    On the other hand, a 120-watt system at a cost of Tk 55,000 generates power for lighting 10 six-watt bulbs and operating a 20 inches black and white television.