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L'Afrique est à l'avant-garde des solutions au changement climatique
Source ADIT 2007
    Selon un rapport récent, les pays africains sont à la pointe des stratégies de lutte contre le changement climatique. [Texte complet en anglais]
Africa 'spearheading' solutions to climate change: The report shows how countries in Africa are adapting to climate change
    African countries are spearheading ways to tackle climate change and have important lessons for how others can cope in future, says a soon to be released report.
    The report by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) at Columbia University, United States, shows how certain countries are integrating climate information into development and planning. This helps them to manage climate risks such as flood and drought.
    It highlights little-known initiatives underway in parts of Africa, and will be presented to leaders at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa this month.
    Case studies from five different countries and regions — Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique and Southern Africa — illustrate strategies that could be adopted more widely.
    Governments can look to these examples for reducing risks due to climate. The situation in Mali, for example, is representative of the Sahel region. It shows how selecting different crops and varying planting dates according to rainfall predictions can help ensure adequate food is produced.
    A key component of all the strategies is the linking of early warning and risk management systems to regional and local practitioners such as healthcare providers and farmers.
    Government departments and the media also have an important role to play, particularly in getting information to rural areas.
    The report identifies gaps in knowledge and communication, describing how meteorological information is not fully exploited, and farmers are often unaware of products available to help them cope with climate change.
    Molly Hellmuth, a researcher at IRI, said the report would showcase "the best and brightest examples of how Africans are adapting to climate variability not tomorrow, but today, which will surely help them be better prepared for climate change".
    The publication supports the Global Climate Observing System's new African-led initiative, GCOS-Africa Climate for Development 2007, which aims to integrate climate information into development planning.

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